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Photo Credit: Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Brooklyn Morgan via Unsplash


Good luck with that.

I’ve heard this said many times and I know I’ve said it before.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve said it or heard also. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Chris Brignola via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Chris Brignola via Unsplash


Dear Angelica, Thomas, and Elle,

I’m writing this to you so you know that I am thankful for the life I’ve been able to live with all of you. I know my life isn’t over yet. Well at least not at this moment. And when I do pass on from this world, I trust the real adventurous journey will begin. When you say yes to God you have no idea the adventure you’re in for.
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Photo Credit: Wellington Sanipe via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Wellington Sanipe via Unsplash


Through the negativity and condemnation I have received from others or most often self-imposed; I have trouble seeing my value or worth. I have had days when I questioned whether I should even get out of bed. I can’t even count how many times I have lost heart. Continue Reading…

I did it again. Something we all let happen to us. I let negativity rob me of joy.

It never fails to amaze me. How I can allow something like the darkness of negativity affect me in such a way, which allows death to enter into my soul. No matter how big or how small the negativity is. Continue Reading…


*I know I spelled the word spaghetti wrong in the title. And I do it again further along in this blog post (This is so all you Grammar Nazis can continue reading).

I am not completely sure where I’m going with this, but here it is anyways—maybe this is written so you can add your two cents worth. Continue Reading…


I am pretty excited about something! So I’m sharing with you what happened to our Ascent family recently—God used us to be generous church!

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*First posted on Ascent’s Facebook page: Ascent Christian Church Facebook page

What Bible version do you use?

This is a question I have been asked several times this past week. I thought I’d share my answer here on our church’s Facebook page.

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Here is a Dad Thought for you:

Have fun with you kids–be imaginative with them, and show them how to dream. Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Something my parents didn’t have to wrestle with was figuring out when to let me or my sister get a social media account.

When is it a good time to allow your kids on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, and other social media apps? Hopefully, if your a parent or want to be one day, you are wrestling with this question! Continue Reading…

What’s on my mind.

joepuentes —  June 12, 2014 — 4 Comments

Can I tell you what I am really excited about?

I am really excited about our church! My family and I have only been here for about 5 months, and sometimes it’s been a mini-roller coaster ride—nothing major or anything to complain about—no one would listen if I complained anyways. We are experiencing what you’d expect when a family goes through major transition. Continue Reading…