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Two eggs. I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but two eggs inadvertently revealed something about my heart that I suspected for sometime—I am extremely selfish (insert sarcastic laugh here). Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Chris Brignola via Unsplash

Photo Credit: Chris Brignola via Unsplash


Dear Angelica, Thomas, and Elle,

I’m writing this to you so you know that I am thankful for the life I’ve been able to live with all of you. I know my life isn’t over yet. Well at least not at this moment. And when I do pass on from this world, I trust the real adventurous journey will begin. When you say yes to God you have no idea the adventure you’re in for.
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I want to share a little something with you. This ‘something’ brought a smile to my face this morning around 6:00a.m… Continue Reading…

As many of you know Fina and I have left our ministry at LifeBridge Christian Church in Longmont, CO, and are moving to Prineville, OR. We are taking on a new ministry at Ascent Christian Church—in partnership with the OCEF, as the lead pastor of the church, beginning in January 2014.

Ascent Christian Church is a church plant in Central Oregon. It was planted by OCEF (Oregon Christian Evangelistic Fellowship: about five years ago, but ran into some difficult times and is going through some changes. Continue Reading…


“Ask God to burden you with something worth risking your career for.” – Andy Stanley

This is something I’ve asked a time or two throughout the years. I’m not trying to beat my own drum or make myself seem more spiritual than I am—those of you who know me really well, know this is definitely not the case. The fact is however, I have asked God for this a few times throughout the years.

I want to cut to the chase. I explain the full story in the rest of this blog post. It is unusual for me to write such long blog post, but I wanted to give you— my readers as much of the full story as possible. BUT for those of you who just want to know the current status of what is going on in the Puentes family, I will tell you up front…

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“The Parting Glass”

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Reading my son’s poem the other day brought back memories of my grandpa Murphy. Many years have passed since he left this world to be at the feet of his sweet Savior; where I’m sure he is telling stories followed by his booming laugh, rambling off Irish poems, and singing Irish traditionals to whomever will listen.

One of my favorites he sang to me was “The Parting Glass.” He’d tell me that two things were certain in this life, death and taxes, and that he would figure out a way to not pay taxes… Continue Reading…

Photo Credit: Danka Peter, Unsplash

Photo Credit: Danka Peter, Unsplash

“Adventure Beckons.” by Thomas Puentes

Moving here or there is a treat rarely savored by everybody involved.

For those left behind they long for the piece gone, and those gone wish to be made whole again.

However something beckons us, calling us.

It is adventure.

Explore the unknown and when you return, you shall share riches to those who waited.

My family is in the midst of a major transition and each of us are processing and expressing this transition in our own way.

(We are getting ready for a big move—I WILL explain what this means in a blog post in the next couple of days) Continue Reading…